Guide to memorization in Law

The course content that is taken for the bar exams is huge. Questions are often asked on what to do to go about memorizing and committing to memory the large content that students have to deal with. It is seen that the majority of the students do not have any memorization tips. What are the necessary tools to carry out memorization in law? We have you covered below.

To begin with, it is a bad idea in itself to memorize stuff during the study of law. This course is more of practical application as against memorizing some few lines. Great students try all they could to understand the text and find a way of attaching what they have learned to situations around them. 

 You have to reframe the idea in your mind and focus less on memorization. This idea will go all the way to relieve you of the stress that you are likely to pass through. Here are expert tips on how to go about achieving expected results.

Emotion and story

It can be seen that memory is tied to strong emotions and stories. So how do you apply the two to studies for bar review? When you look at studies ordinarily, it will be difficult to make stories out of it and getting the strong emotions that are required. Do not just stare at the textbook before you.

When you do more practice questions, the stories will pop up in you. When you make up a hypothesis of your own, it will look very ridiculous for a start; but the more ridiculous, the better it becomes because it will lead to a destination. Go ahead and manufacture as much happiness as you can around you. When you surround your study area with happy photos of your favorite pets, you are going to achieve the boost to move forward in the right direction.

The truth in practice

Go ahead and carry out loads of practice if you want to get a collection of stories that mattered. When you practice, your brain will have more stories to hold on to. The examples that you have collected in your brain will go all the way to enhance your memory.

Break it down

The individual pieces of information that you have can be broke down into bits and pieces and then regrouped together in a way that will produce meaningful effects. This is referred to as chunking. The first step here is to think about how you are going to use the information.

Space it out

The brain will be more effective if you space out the learning process. When you give the brain the deserved breathing space, you are going to achieve the results that mattered in the learning process. We normally let a coat of paint dry out before putting another layer on it. When you space out your studies, you are going to be more effective than ever before.

Take breaks in-between

You must get this clear that there is a limit to how much your brain can take at a time. When you attempt reading a 50-page outline at a stretch; it will not be possible t recollect all that is involved in the text. There is little you can do in remembering all. When you take breaks in-between; expected results will be achieved.

Excellent mental health

Do not take anything to chances. You need excellent mental health to achieve the results that will help in sustaining you all through. Take care of your mental health and you are going to move far.


The memory tips above are sure practical steps that will take you to the next level. 


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