How to start enjoying Chemistry

Chemistry is a critical subject that you can’t ignore, and you may either Hate It or Love It. It involves studying energy and matter and the interaction with one another. Chemistry is all around us; in the food we consume and the water we drink, the clothes we put on, the medicine we take. It is majorly known as the central science because it connects other sciences, including geology, biology, physics, and environmental science.

As a subject, chemistry is fascinating and intriguing. Most students do not like chemistry, so we have tips for you to start enjoying this favorite subject.

Stop the hate

The hardest part of learning chemistry is overcoming the resistance and mental block towards the subject. You can mirror this too when you started swimming, and you got afraid of the water, but once you let the water become your friend, you effortlessly started floating. The same is with chemistry because as soon as you get treated like a friend, you will start enjoying it.

Study in small chunks

For you to pass chemistry, you need to become a learner who is avid and focused. Begin with small steps and begin having a daily quota for your Reading. You can set aside 30 minutes and then slowly progress your way of Reading. You should understand that consistency is an essential element that can go a long way into ensuring that you pass the subject. Keep reading every day so that you can retain as much information as you can because if you choose to ignore the subject, you’ll only fail terribly.

Understand the basics

You do not need to cram chemistry. You need to understand all the basics first. Science subjects require understanding all the basic concepts because climbing will just jungle up everything in your head. Try to find the connections between elements and concepts and go ahead to read the principles. When you start, try to be slow but ensure that you are always moving forward. As you read a topic, ensure to tie it to another concept.

Learn to visualize

If you want to boost your recording and memory power, try making the reactions as vivid as possible and also strive to get the logic in the reaction between things. The exercise will boost your memory and also help you in some other parts. Try reading the general principles, then head to the exceptions.

Utilize color-coding

Most students will tend to forget the conditions of reactions. The best way that you can recall various temperatures is by highlighting the reactions using appropriate colorism. For instance, you may use red to level high temperatures and blue for cool or cold temperatures.

Utilize the internet

In case you find compound names which may prove hard to remember, look it up over the internet and expound on its utilization. It will be much easier for you to remember, and on top of that, you may find chemistry exciting and fun.

Utilize mnemonics

You really can’t deny that you will need a lot of memorizing when it comes to chemistry. You can create your mnemonics to help you remember some facts easily.

Avoid shortcuts

Don’t skip explanations. No matter how long they are, ensure that you read all the explanations because they may be relevant to the exams’ questions and ensure that your time with everything you can.

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