Tips to prepare for Accounting exams

Accounting is a tricky subject because it not only demands to rock your brain, but you also need to be well conversant with the formulas and the concepts. Here are some tips that may help you out while studying for your accounting exam.

  • Check for the exams that you should do and imagine the content that you want to study.
  • Police and the skills that the subject needs and do not just concentrate on the topics alone.
  • Concentrate on understanding the type of problem that each topic aims to solve.
  • Try finding out the marking system of the subject.
  • Try to simulate the exam process as many times as possible and then go ahead to practice answering the questions using the same underlying conditions.
  • Avoid the Temptation of checking the answer whenever you are trying out a question.

Outcomes of learning

Right off the bat, begin looking at the broader perspective of the subject. Ask yourself for the subject in 10th to educate you on and then head down to the learning outcomes on every topic as you start to study.

Past papers

In case you can find the past papers look at the structure of the questions and then go-ahead to attempt them. If a WhatsApp delivers to check that appear at the ending of each topic. If you can find the recent past papers, it will be a good move for you because they are many changes concerning exams and most expectations will never be the same and for that reason, you wouldn’t want to prepare for your exam with a five-year-old paper.

Check for the integrated questions as you study

It is a critical aspect to check the exam and some of the ending questions that the study material you use has because some of these questions help you grasp the concept better and test your knowledge base. The questions want to be in line with the exam’s exact answers, so do not rely on them too much. Sometimes you might find that some topics will not tell you how they relate to the next chapter, but you should also work on your integration skills because you never know what to expect in the exam.

As you read, you should know that you’re preparing for competitive exams. When athletes train for competitions, they will make sure that they do the best they can to beat the opponent. That should be the same case for you because you will be battling against your exams. You need to sharpen your skills every day to emerge as the best, and you can only do this by practicing the tests and questions every day. The accounting will demand a lot of skills from you. You need to analyze data, formulate calculations, retain information, communicate issues, prepare information, and solve problems, among many others.


Before going for the accounting paper, know that there are many skills out there that you need to incorporate in your studies to pass the examination. Among the skills needed are;

  • Thinking out the box
  • Calculations
  • Work-based on deadlines and thinking
  • Communication
  • Thinking and working best on formulas
  • Utilizing principles
  • Memorization
  • Problem-solving

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