I hate homework

Don’t get me wrong, I love everything that I do, and I do it with passion. However, I just can’t shake off the hate I feel towards homework. Well, the educators that I work with are just phenomenal and I’m very optimistic about the direction that education is currently taking.

Besides that, I still hate homework.

Homework is a traditional practice that has outgrown in society yet we just can’t do away with it. One thing, I’m now known as the “anti-homework guy” and many of my supporters are thrilled by my passion to change education for the best. However, critics think that this is just a show to do away with any kind of home learning.

Let’s get one thing straight first; I’m not trying to completely scrap away homework from schools. I just hate its current form. I strongly believe that if we changed the way we handle it from preparation for giving feedback, we would be better off than we are right now.

Currently, homework is designed to favor a group of students who have learned how the system works while disadvantaging those who don’t figure this out soon. If you ask me, this kind of assignment does not consider students who are less privileged and can’t access the right resources to do their homework. They turn out to be a mindless killer of the American dream for many.

Recently, we had an exclusive exposure with one of our stories running by a national media house. After a couple of stressful efforts, I was very homework out. Luckily the following weekend was jam-packed with family time, game nights, and celebrations. It was great.

However, I remember being woken up past midnight by sounds in my son’s room. I tried to ignore it but the guilt wouldn’t let me. Therefore, I went to check what was happening and I did not like what I saw. It was very hurting to see my son struggling to finish his homework in the middle of the night. Instead of sleeping, he was trying to cope with his Excel homework. This frustrated him to the point of losing his mind. That’s why we found help at domyhomework123.com together and he could finally go to bed.

Long story short, I fixed the issue and I was very pissed off that I ended up drafting an email to his teacher titled “I hate homework”. I wasn’t thinking straight that late and I just wanted a villain to release steam on.

Thankfully, my wife came at the nick of time, read it, and deleted it before I sent it.

 Despite the rage, I had highlighted a litany of reasons in justification of the subject. After cooling off and critically thinking about it, here are some great considerations to help make homework better.

  • Stop grading homework and moms will stop doing the assignment for their kids.
  • Educate learners on reasons why they are doing homework to culture-positive attitude
  • Focus on making homework authentic and meaningful
  • Start to use technology to your advantage and create Khan Academy-like reference videos
  • Use platforms such as Google Classroom and Padlet for further off-class discussions
  • Give timely feedback

It’s that simple and I know we can do better and improve the quality of homework assignments that our kids get. Or do you prefer being frustrated at 1:00 AM?

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